Spring Performance

Westlake High School Performing Arts Center

4100 Westbank Drive, Austin, TX 78746
Sunday, May 12th 1:30, 3:30, and 5:30 PM

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Our Spring semester will end on Sunday, May 19th.

Recital Program

Dress Rehearsal and Recital Schedule.

Fees:  Costume fees are $85 and due 1/1. Additionally, all students must have paid a $75 performance fee per dancer or $95 per family performance fee, which is due May 1st. All tuition and fees must be paid for a student to participate in the recital. Our performance fee includes a digital download video professionally filmed by Westlake High School Tech Department.

Tickets: Presale RESERVED seats are $20 Premium, preferred $10 and $5 Standard and will go on sale April 25th at 9am.  If you need handicapped seating, please email Ms. Abi. Doors will open 20-30 minutes prior to each show. To buy tickets click here: https://25269.recitalticketing.com/

Recital T-shirts:  If your dancer wants a t-shirt to commemorate or 2024 recital please put your order in by 4/28.  Dancer’s names will appear on the back of the shirt with our design on the front. Presale shirts are $20, extra shirts will be available at dress rehearsal for $25.

Recital: Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your recital times in full costume with make-up and hair complete, wearing a cover-up

                        Dancers arrive by 1:10 for the 1:30 show

                        Dancers arrive by 3:10 for the 3:30 show

                        Dancers arrive by 5:10 for the 5:30 show

All dancers will sit with their class backstage for the duration of the ONE HOUR show. Only stage parents will be allowed backstage, so if you want to be backstage or if you think your dancer will need you, please volunteer!!! 

Dress Rehearsal:  Dress rehearsals will be held at Westlake High School on Monday-Wednesday, May 6-8. Students should wear their costumes and correct hair for dress rehearsal but makeup is NOT required.

Drop off:  When you arrive, please stop at our check-in table where an assistant, teacher or stage parent will collect the students and escort them backstage.  Please send your dancer backstage wearing their costume and proper shoes, carrying their coverup and dance bag. Please have your dancers go to the bathroom before they go backstage. 

Pick up at dress rehearsal:  Dancers will be escorted by their stage mom and released after they dance. Please meet your stage mom in the lobby. 

Pick up at recital: Dancers will remain backstage with Synergy faculty and stage parents for the entire one hour recital. At the show’s conclusion, stage parents will bring the dancers back to the lobby area and will keep them altogether until parents meet and collect them.  Each class will have a large sign for you to look for around the perimeter of the lobby.

**Please be respectful of your dancer’s class and arrive on time to rehearsal and recital.  Everyone’s time is very valuable. It is unfair to expect the teachers and back stage parents to hold a class of students late while waiting for a tardy student.  Please make sure your dancers are backstage completely dressed (with hair, makeup, shoes and accessories) before their designated time. Each student should arrive no later than 20 minutes before their scheduled recital.

Stage Parents: For the safety of all dancers, no parents, siblings or others will be allowed to go back stage for any reason.  There must be one “stage parent” for each class under the age of 8 (8-10 yr classes and older do not need a stage mom).  The stage parent will stay with the class and bring them all to and from the stage.  We will acquire a list of “stage parents” in the next few weeks. PLEASE volunteer if you would like to be backstage with your dancer.  It is with your help that we will be able to care for the dancers and produce an enjoyable show for all.  You WILL be able to watch the class as they perform!  Stage parent information will be emailed out separately.

Slide show: At the beginning and in between each show, we will play a slide show that will include pictures of dancers who have been with Synergy for five or more years.  Be sure to include the correct spelling of your dancer’s name and the number of years that they have danced at Synergy.  We must have all names and pictures by May 5  in order to produce the slide show.

Costumes:  A costume note will be included with your dancer’s costume that has specific shoe, costume and accessory information.  In general, we will provide costumes, tights and accessories. Each dancer is responsible for purchasing the proper shoes.  Tights ARE included this year for all of our non SDC classes.

Make up:  Dancers must wear makeup.  The lights on the stage are bright and will wash out the dancer’s facial features.  It’s recommended that dancers wear a base or powder bronzer on the face that is one shade darker than the skin (especially important for lighter complexions).  For the eyes, wear a dark brown eye shadow, darkest at the lash line gradually fading up to the brow bone with a light color on the brow bone to highlight just below the eye brow.  Apply a thin line of dark brown shadow for combo dancers or eyeliner for older dancers from the middle of the lower lash line out past the corner of the eye.  Mascara is optional.  For cheeks, apply pink blush, and for lips, apply red lipstick.  SDC dancers are required to wear full stage makeup including eyeliner and mascara.  Stage makeup is only required at the recital and not for dress rehearsal. 

Cover ups: All dancers must wear a cover-up over your costumes at all times. Cover-ups are very important because they protect the costumes from dirt and damage.  A men’s dress shirt works nicely because it buttons up in the front and is long enough to protect the entire costume. 

Other important reminders

*Please be sure to wear your costume, shoes and accessories to the dress rehearsal and the recital.  No accessory may be worn unless the entire class is wearing it.  If someone forgets an accessory the entire class must remove that accessory.  DON’T FORGET YOUR COVERUP!

*Label everything with your dancer’s name

*Hair should be slicked back from the face with gel, hairspray and bobby pins.  Please no bangs or whispies. 

*Costumes should not be worn before the recital for play and should be hung up immediately.  *Hang all net costumes/tutus upside down. 

*No panties should be worn with tights for costumes

*We kindly ask that parents do not video the recital, a free digital download will be available for all of our families to have and share.  Phone screens are distracting to the audience and dancers and may show up on our professional video.  WHS does a magnificent job of videoing our dancers!!!  If you wish to have a video of your dancer please do so at the dress rehearsal.

*Tickets will go on sale Thursday, April 25 at 9:00 AM.

Synergy Dance Company will be selling roses to benefit our Company Dancers!

Also, Trophies will be available for purchase.