December Performance Information

We will be offering a December performance to our Combo 3-5 year classes and older!  Our December Demonstration will be Saturday, December 5th at Life Austin Outdoor Amphitheater.  Our Fall session will break for the holidays after Saturday, December 19, 2020.


Combo 2-3 yr classes: We will have in class performances Monday, Dec 7th – Friday, Dec 11th. Each class has prepared a dance and will be showing some of their favorite activities and songs. The performance will be approximately the last 20 minutes of your regularly scheduled class.  Each student is welcome to wear something special, but no costume is required. If you have further questions, please feel free to let me know. Don’t forget to bring your camera! We will be at the studio, so space is limited. We understand this is a special moment, but we are very limited in size and space, so please use your best judgment when inviting family.

Looking forward to next semester, classes resume on Monday, Jan 4th and we will be planning a nursing home show in May. The May nursing home performance is a great show we do each year for all of our youngest dancers.  Family and close friends are invited and the residents just adore watching the little ones dance.  The date is TBA and more information will be available in the Spring.

Info for our December performance for Combo 3-5 year and older students:

  • Performance is Saturday, December 5th at Life Austin Outdoor Amphitheater.
  • Arrive at the facility approximately 20-30 minutes (not any earlier please) before your scheduled time and plan to stay for the entire show. Come dressed completely for your first dance and don’t forget to wear your cover-up!!! Cover-ups are very important in the dance/theatre world because they protect the costume from being damaged and are a sign of respect to the community.
  • Each class will need a stage parent to assist in lining up the dancers and escorting them to and from the stage. You will be able to watch your dancer dance from the audience!
  • All classes will sit in front with their stage parent and will line up on stage left when their dance name is called.
  • Costumes are fairly simple for this demonstration and a $25 costume and $55 performance fee should have already been paid. This fee covers the costumes, accessories, rental of the facility and staffing for the performance. Please don’t confuse this with the Spring costume fee that is due December 1st; if your dancer is participating in the Sunday, May 16th recital.
  • Makeup is optional, and hair should be worn up, away from the dancer’s face. Each teacher will specify a hairstyle for their dance. I do encourage light blush and a natural color lipstick but it’s not required.
  • Please no flash photography during the performance. Parents are allowed to take non-flash photography and video from your seats or from the back.  Please be respectful and courteous of the others around you and do not stand or block the aisles during the show.
  • Flowers and trophies will be for sale at the performance. If you want to buy flowers, I encourage you to buy them at the performance. The money earned from the flower sales will go directly to support our SDC “company” dancers.
  • Regular classes will continue through Saturday, December 19th. Our holiday break begins Sunday, December 20th through Sunday, January 3rd. Spring classes will resume on Monday, January 4th!


Spring Recital 2021:  The performance is Sunday, May 16 at Westlake High School.  Dress Rehearsal is required for students participating in the recital.

The costume fee is $70 and will be due with December tuition. After February 1st, a late order will require an additional fee of $5 to cover individual shipping.  Costumes will not be guaranteed to arrive on time with a later order. Please do not confuse this fee with the December costume and performance fee that was due on Oct 1st.  In addition, there will be a May performance fee of $70 ($95 for families with more than one student) due May 1st.

If your dancer is unable to participate in our Spring Recital, please let me know before December 1st so I can remove the costume charges from your account.