Combo 2-3 yr performance

Our youngest dancers have two in class performance opportunities  and one out of class performance at a local nursing home during the school year.  These opportunities are designed to help our Combo 2-3 year old dancers have a positive first experience with performing in a comfortable environment where they can build lasting positive memories and self confidence in a more controlled environment than on a big stage!

Our next in class visitation will be May 21- May 26, 2018 during their regularly scheduled classes. Parents and family are invited in during the last 20 minutes of class to watch some of the dancers favorite songs and activities.   Spring classes will end on Saturday, May 26!

Our yearly Nursing home performance will be held on Sunday, May 6th at 4:00 pm at Brookdale at Westlake Hills Retirement and Nursing Home (formally known as Summit at Westlake Hills Retirement Home) 1034 Liberty Park Austin, TX 78746. The performance will be held in the Garden Room of the Senior Living Home. Please arrive 15 minutes early because the show will start promptly at 4pm. Space is limited at the nursing home, so we please ask that you limit the guests to family. The front rows will be reserved for residents of the center.

We will begin inviting the parents in to watch our dances during the last 10 minutes of class in preparation for our performance. This is important because it allows our young dancers to practice with an audience before the actual performance.

At the performance, please arrive dressed in your complete costume with a cover-up and when you leave place the cover-up back on the dancer (one of dad’s old dress shirts is perfect as it buttons up the front). Your dancer’s teacher will discuss the costume, shoe and hair details once “costumes” have arrived. All dancers will be wearing their ballet shoes. You might also want to take them to the bathroom at home just before you dress them. I know some of the dancers are still in diapers and that is okay.

Costumes for this performance are $20 and will include a matching tutu or skirt for each class and a hair bow. This additional $20 fee should be paid 5/1 or if your account is set up with a credit card it will be billed to your card next month. Remember May tuition was prepaid as your deposit so this $20 is all that you owe to complete the semester.

If the dancer is potty trained, we encourage you to have them not wear panties under their tights. Dancewear is worn swim suit style without panties. In addition, we don’t want their panties to show underneath their costumes.

The residents of this nursing home will be seated in front so let’s be sure to keep this area clear for them. If you have cameras, please set up in the back of the audience and zoom in. The dancers usually do much better if they do not see you. Some young dancers will cry when they are in new surroundings so please let your child’s teacher handle the class.

This will be a very short performance and the dancers (without the parents) will be sitting together in a special area in front. After the performance feel free to retrieve your dancer and mingle with some of the residents. They love talking to the little ones and this is a welcomed treat.