Synergy Dance Studio’s available classes

Drill Team Fall Workshop/Hyline Clinic:  8th, 9th and 10th graders

1.5 hour class that meets Saturdays 1-2:30 running October 14-November 18.  Workshop also includes an evening session after Hyline Mock Tryouts on Wednesday, November 29 during tryout week.  Workshop tuition is $169.

Mommy and me ages 1-3

45 minute class focusing on creative movement, coordination and developing a love for music, movement and dance. Parents accompany the students in class.  Pink Ballet shoes and any color/style dance attire is required for students.

1 hour combo classes: ages 2-5

Children's DanceDance Combo     Combination of ballet, tap & tumbling to acquaint students with the basics of dance and rhythm used to develop grace, poise & coordination. Any color leotard and tights or bike shorts, black patent tap shoes & pink ballet shoes (leather or faux leather).

Jazz     Preschool appropriate jazz and creative movement set to popular Disney and kids pop music.   Class introduces basic jazz skills, movement, coordination and motor skill development. Any color/style leotard, tights or bike shorts and black jazz shoes.

Somos Amigos Spanish Classes

Ann Benson, Creator/Instructor for the mega popular “Hola, Hola! Spanish Camp” at Westbank Library teaches parents and children Spanish together in a super fun, music and movement based program on Friday mornings called “Somos Amigos – We’re Friends”.   Click here to take a “Free Demo Class” or to reserve your spaces for the Fall Session!

Theatre Arts Block : ages 3-5

Combination of ballet, tap, gymnastics & theatre in a stimulating 1.5 or 2 hour block of time. This class really allows students to be free and explore their more creative side. Any color leotard and tights or bike shorts, black patent tap shoes & pink ballet shoes (leather or faux leather).

B/T/J combo classes : ages 6 and up

1.5 hours of combination ballet, tap & jazz class for our older dancers who prefer to dance once weekly. These classes are divided by level with level 1 for the younger, beginning jazz student and advancing from there to 1+,2,3 and so on. Any solid color leotard and tights, black tap shoes (patent for smaller sizes and Capezio Mary Janes or oxfords for adult sizes), pink leather ballet shoes & black slip on style jazz shoes

Ballet/Jazz classes:  ages 6 and up

One hour combination of ballet and jazz.  These classes are divided by level beginning at level 1.  Any solid color leotard and tights, pink ballet shoes and black slip on style jazz shoes.

Hip-Hop classes :ages 6 and up

Hour long non-technical, high energy class that incorporates the latest dance and video moves. Loose clothing and black tennis shoes (dance sneakers or blk/white converse recommended) are worn.

Contemporary and Jazz only classes : ages 6 and up

1-1.5 hours of jazz only instruction designed to increase strength, flexibility and skill. Classes include warm-up, across the floor combinations & dances . Any style leotard and tights or camisole top with fitted jazz pants allowed, tees, & midriff tops are forbidden.  Contemporary classes combine lyrical and contemporary styles with basic jazz technique and improv to encourage creativity

ACRO: ages 6 and up

1 hour long class combining strengthening, stretching and tumbling skills commonly used in dance.


SDC Dance Company Classes : ages 7 and up

These classes meet twice weekly beginning in August and are designed for dancers who are more serious in their dance training and performing in addition to attending special master classes, dance conventions and competitions. Class level is determined by previous dance experience as well as interest and drive. Attire for these classes is solid color leotard, pink or black tights, jazz pants are allowed for tap & jazz, pink split sole leather ballet shoes, black low heel tap shoes (Capezio Mary Janes for level 1-2 or oxfords for level 3 and up) & tan leather jazz booties–Bloch is the preferred brand.

SDC Ballet

.75-1.5 hour class that focuses on building proper body placement and technique while executing barre, center & across the floor work implementing proper ballet terminology.

SDC Pointe:

.75-1 hour class is an extension of ballet for the intermediate to advanced dancer.


.75-1.25 hour class that develops rhythm, coordination, short term memory and the ability to think and move quickly.

SDC Jazz

.75-1.5 hour class that increases posture, rhythm & creativity while focusing on strengthening, turns, jumps, leaps & agility using fun, upbeat contemporary music.

Other Info


Dancewear and shoes can be purchased from specialty dance stores like Movin’ Easy, Dancer’s Closet or the Capezio store in addition to places like Target (doesn’t sell shoes just dancewear), Walmart, Payless and Academy. The most important thing when buying shoes is fit, they shouldn’t be too big and especially not too small or too narrow. The inexpensive brands that Walmart, Payless and Academy sell do not come in widths so it is recommended for narrow or wide feet to purchase shoes at one of the specialty stores.

Studio Policies:

A cover-up is required when outside the classroom, hair worn in a pony tail & put names in all shoes. Please no panties under tights, no food, gum or drinks (except water) allowed in the waiting areas and dance rooms & no jewelry.