2021-22 Studio Calendar of Events


Saturday, August 14    Fall 2021 Session Begins

September 4-September 6     Closed Holiday               

September 13-18     Bring a Friend Week

October 1     December performance fee due

 TBA  Halloween Parents Night Out

November 22- November 27    Closed Holiday               

December 1     Spring costume fee due

December 13-18   2-3 Yr. olds perform in class

December 11      Winter Performance

December 19-January 2    Closed Winter Break    

December 27-29   Winter Camp

January 4     Spring 2021 Session Begins

January 10-15   Bring a Friend Week

March 14-19    Closed Spring Break                

May 1     Spring performance fee due

May 9-10 Dress Rehearsal at WHS

May 15    Spring Recital at WHS

May TBA      2-3 yr olds perform at Nursing Home

May 16-20   2-3 Yr. olds perform in class

Saturday, May 21 Last Day of Spring 2022 Session


 *Performance and costume fees are due for all classes except Combo 2-3 yrs and adult.  The December performance fee of $80 individual and $60 additional siblings includes a simple costume ($25) and rental of the facility ($55).  The May costume fee of $70 is due early in December because costumes are professional and made to order.  A performance fee of $70 individual/$95 family is also due for participants in the Spring recital to cover a portion of the rental of the facility.  Dancers are encouraged to participate in our December and May shows but performances are not required.  SDC company members may be required to pay additional costume fees.

 **All classes except Combo 2-3 yrs and adult participate in the December Demonstration and the May Recital, combo 2-3 yr classes perform during class in December and at a local nursing home in the spring and there are no performance fees for these performances.